Technical Writer, Cloud Security Posts by Google

February 22, 2024
Technical Writer, Cloud Security Posts by Google

Job Description

About the job:

Technical writers plan, create, and maintain educational content as an integral part of the engineering or user experience. The content is often in the form of documentation, but may also be UI text, sample code, videos, or other educational material. Regardless of the content medium, technical writers are distinguished by their abilities to explain complex topics in a way that’s useful to their audience.

In this role, you will create clear, well-organized, accurate, and easy-to-use documentation. You will work with the team and cross-functionally to deliver the useful and effective experience to the customer.

Google Cloud accelerates every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business and industry. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology, and tools that help developers build more sustainably. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

Minimum qualifications:

  • 10 years of experience in producing documentation for a technical audience.
  • Experience in technical writing, product documentation, or online publishing.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in privacy and security engineering, especially encryption.
  • Experience in researching and writing effective documentation for developers, and Developer Operations.
  • Experience writing for the web and familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and markdown.
  • Ability to understand source code (e.g., Java and Python).
  • Passion for learning and documenting new technologies in a fast-moving and constantly changing environment, with excellent communication and people management skills.


  • Write technical documentation, including overview, how-to guide, user guide, API reference.
  • Create additional content such as articles, images, white papers, solutions documents, and product and project-related communications as needed.
  • Organize existing documentation, identify documentation gaps, and new projects.
  • Define documentation requirements with diverse teams, and work with engineers to create and update documentation sets on cloud and internal sites.
  • Edit, clarify, and enhance documents written by engineers and others. Help others improve their writing skills through one-on-one consultations and regular office hours.