Microsoft – Software Engineering IC4

August 11, 2023
Microsoft – Software Engineering IC4

Job Description

Data Privacy has never been more top of mind than it is today. Governments around the world are passing new privacy legislation at a fast pace, and companies are investing in many aspects of data compliance to meet these new regulations. There is a significant opportunity here to empower every company to deliver data privacy solutions that meet these regulations and that build customer trust.

If you are looking for an opportunity to move the needle on data privacy, then the Microsoft Security Platform, Data Governance and Privacy (SPDGP) team is the right place for you. Within SPDGP, the Data Privacy Platform (DPP) team has been providing internal data privacy products for all Microsoft since 2018, operating these products at high scale and availability. We build reliable, highly scalable, highly performing, and distributed systems for scanning, cataloging, classification, and DSR processing. Our job is to provide privacy infrastructure, to produce meaningful insights about compliance, and to create understandable actions that can be taken to improve. We are leveraging this experience to create new data privacy products to benefit Microsoft and later all our customers. There is a steady stream of new requirements for both our internal and external partners that is creating exciting opportunities to work at high scale, impact, and visibility.

Basic Qualifications:

Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering or Mathematics or IT technical discipline.
8+ years of programming experience in more of Backend tech stacks like .NET / Java with REACT JS, Angular JS etc.
Experience building and shipping production grade software or services.
Experience building and operating online services and fault-tolerant distributed systems.
Experience in Cloud environment.
Understanding of data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems.
Good communication skills to collaborate with global teams.
Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in technical design.
Experience in driving the features to the completion with effective collaboration with stakeholders such as Partners, Product managers and Cross geo teams.
Experience creating and shipping V1 products using modern development practices.
Experience using agile methodologies and/or test-driven development (TDD).
Great curiosity and willingness to question.
Strong desire to innovate, ideate and implement the products and processes.
High enthusiasm, integrity, ingenuity, results-orientation, self-motivation, and resourcefulness in a fast-paced competitive environment.
Love the next problem, the next experiment, the next partner.
Have a deep desire to work collaboratively, solve problems with groups, find win/win solutions and celebrate successes.
Get excited by the challenge of hard technical problems.
Solve problems by always leading with deep passion and empathy for customers.

We are looking for engineers who have a track record of success, who deliver results, and who (preferably) have a background in large scale data processing systems. Everyone on the team owns significant areas of the system, directly contributes to the vision, direction, and implementation of new features, and are key to the success of our products. You will collaborate on your designs across our partner engineering teams and work closely with our PMs to design, build, and maintain a growing set of features that will serve the needs of our customers.