Wipro – Lead Administrator

July 8, 2023
Wipro – Lead Administrator

Job Description

Role Purpose
The purpose of this role is to provide significant technicalexpertise in architecture planning and design of the concerned tower(platform, database, middleware, backup etc) as well as managing itsday-to-day operations

Provide adequate support in architecture planning, migration& installation for new projects in own tower (platform/dbase/middleware/ backup)
Lead the structural/ architectural design of a platform/middleware/ database/ back up etc. according to various systemrequirements to ensure a highly scalable and extensiblesolution
Conduct technology capacity planning by reviewing the currentand future requirements
Utilize and leverage the new features of all underlyingtechnologies to ensure smooth functioning of the installed databases andapplications/ platforms, as applicable
Strategize & implement disaster recovery plans and createand implement backup and recovery plans
Manage the day-to-day operations of the tower
Manage day-to-day operations by troubleshooting any issues,conducting root cause analysis (RCA) and developing fixes to avoidsimilar issues.
Plan for and manage upgradations, migration, maintenance,backup, installation and configuration functions for own tower
Review the technical performance of own tower and deploy ways toimprove efficiency, fine tune performance and reduce performancechallenges
Develop shift roster for the team to ensure no disruption in thetower
Create and update SOPs, Data Responsibility Matrices, operationsmanuals, daily test plans, data architecture guidance etc.
Provide weekly status reports to the client leadership team,internal stakeholders on database activities w.r.t. progress, updates,status, and next steps
Leverage technology to develop Service Improvement Plan (SIP)through automation and other initiatives for higher efficiency andeffectiveness

Team Management
Forecast talent requirements as per the current and future businessneeds
Hire adequate and right resources for the team
Train direct reportees to make right recruitment and selectiondecisions
Talent Management
Ensure 100% compliance to Wipro’s standards of adequateonboarding and training for team members to enhance capability &effectiveness
Build an internal talent pool of HiPos and ensure their careerprogression within the organization
Promote diversity in leadership positions
Performance Management
Set goals for direct reportees, conduct timely performance reviewsand appraisals, and give constructive feedback to direct reports.
Ensure that organizational programs like Performance Nxt are wellunderstood and that the team is taking the opportunities presented bysuch programs to their and their levels below
Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
Lead and drive engagement initiatives for the team
Track team satisfaction scores and identify initiatives to buildengagement within the team
Proactively challenge the team with larger and enriching projects/initiatives for the organization or team
Exercise employee recognition and appreciation

Stakeholder Interaction

Stakeholder Type
Stakeholder Identification
Purpose of Interaction
Technology Solutions Group, BU Teams, Different Infrastructureteams
Understanding requirements, planning and status updates,maintenance and back up, issue resolution etc.
Guidance on risk mitigation and quality standards
Understanding requirements, planning and status updates,maintenance and back up, issue resolution etc.
Vendors/ Manufacturers
Development and deployment of platforms, applications, databasesetc.

Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:

Functional Competencies/ Skill
Technical Knowledge – Knowledge of own tower (platform,application, database etc) – Expert
Domain Knowledge – Understanding of IT industry and itstrends – Competent to Expert

Competency Levels

Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (inparts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.
Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competencywithout guidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknownsituations as well.
Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guideto others as well.

Coaches others and builds organizational capability in thecompetency area. Serves as a key resource for that competency and isrecognised within the entire organization.

Behavioral Competencies
Managing Complexity
Client centricity
Execution Excellence
Passion for Results
Team Management
Stakeholder Management

Performance Parameter

1. Operations of the tower
SLA adherence
Knowledge management
CSAT/ Customer Experience
Identification of risk issues and mitigation plans
Knowledge management

2.New projects
Timely delivery
Avoid unauthorised changes
No formal escalations

Oracle Database Admin